70 000 $ to agreements out of court in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

70 000 $ d'ententes hors cour à Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

SAINT-ÉLIE-DE-CAXTON | In addition to having lost more than twenty employees, volunteers and elected municipal officials, since the arrival of the mayor Robert Gauthier, the municipality of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton has entered into nearly $ 70,000 in agreements, out-of-court for five years.

The invoice related to the baffles and the lack of stability is starting to be salt for the village of less than 2000 people, the amount rising to 66 962 $. Lately, the municipality has paid a settlement of $ 12,500 for allegations of psychological harassment.

“It was the cases that are passed between employees. Not only, it was not me who was targeted, but it was not any elected municipal council,” said mayor Robert Gauthier.

An agreement is not an admission of guilt, according to the mayor.

“Our strategy, since it is there, it is to try to minimize the costs of a lawyer, and one of the ways that we have found, to date, is to make settlements out of court,” said the elected.

Five elected officials have resigned since the arrival of the new mayor. The last election had almost no cost, because Claudette Caron was elected by acclamation.

But if Quebec continues its déconfinement, new elections could cost more than $10 000.

“Is this what the minister is going to accept the holding of by-elections in the fall, knowing that there may be a second wave that is coming? And knowing that past the 1st of November, usually, are not made of by-elections, within one year of the general election is in the wind”, has questioned the mayor.

The councillor who resigned Charline Plant has confirmed the version of the mayor according to which his departure has nothing to do with the chicane in the municipal council.

“It has not relation with my sisters advisors or with the mayor, Mr. Gauthier”, she said.

Élaine Legault, who has also left the board in July, for its part, explained “out of time” in his letter of resignation, and spoke of the “personal reasons”.

The mayor intends to still continue his mandate until the end, but whether it will be in 2021, nothing is less certain.

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