74-year-old woman gave birth to twins: how is it possible

Menopause is a resident of India came 30 years ago, and the kids never had

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A resident of the Indian state of Andhra Pricesviagra of Arramatta Mangamma on 74-m to year of life gave birth to healthy twins. After documentary evidence of her age, she will become the oldest woman who managed to give birth. While the record belongs to the Spaniard Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara gave birth to twins at age 66, reports the Daily Mail.

74-летняя женщина родила двойню: как это возможно

Resident of India gave birth to 74 years

As the authors of the publication, the menopause Mangamma came 30 years ago, and had no children. In November 2018 the Hindu referred to the clinic of reproductive health. There she agreed to help and even paid most of the procedures. For in vitro fertilization (IVF) was used successfully fertilized donor eggs.

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Throughout pregnancy Mangamma was in the hospital under medical supervision. Thursday, September 5, by caesarean section, the woman gave birth to two healthy girls.

74-летняя женщина родила двойню: как это возможно

The Hindu gave birth to healthy twins

Earlier “Today,” wrote resident of the state of Texas (USA), who gave birth to six children in nine minutes. Two girls and four boys were born March 15. We were also told that Germany conceived in one day the twins were born with a difference of 97 days.

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