82% of the deaths related to the COVID-19 in residences for seniors

82% des décès liés à la COVID-19 dans les résidences pour aînés

According to the most recent figures from the ministry of Health, 82% of the deaths related to the pandemic COVID-19 took place in residences for seniors in Quebec.

On the 4713 death, 3845 were patients of these places. And in detail, 3020 lived in accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD).

For the Council of the protection of the sick, this is not what was happening in NURSING homes prior to the pandemic, which explains the high number of deaths among the elderly, but rather the way in which the crisis has been handled.

“It is a massacre that happened […]. In fact, it [the government, ED] has treated the people of Quebec, as if there were two worlds. The “healthy”, of which he was engaged immediately, and then the CHSLD, elderly people, at the end of April only, early in may, and even still…”, says the chairman of the Board for the protection of the sick, Paul Brunet.

Same observation for a cardiologist in Sherbrooke, who came to work a week as an attendant to the beneficiaries in a ltc facility in Montreal.

“Two things I have shaken, two things he absolutely must denounce them,” said dr. Btissama Essadiqi.

“First of all, it is the condition of life of the residents, who, in my opinion, is atrocious. And secondly, the working conditions of the employees that are there, the attendants and nurses.”

Dr. Essadiqi think he would have had to take out the infected patients from residences to avoid promiscuity with the other beneficiaries.

“It would have to be put elsewhere. Not in hospitals, but to find other places for these people, such as hotels, for example.”

The situation is far from under control in NURSING homes. The ministry of Health considers that the situation is critical in at least a dozen of them.

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