85 babies positive for the coronavirus, Texas

85 bébés positifs au coronavirus au Texas

Not less than 85 babies have tested positive for the COVID-19 in a county of south Texas.

The director of public health Corpus Christi, Neuces County, Annette Rodriguez, said to CNN that the toddlers were all under the age of one year.

In the last month, the american State has become one of the many epicenters of the sars coronavirus in the United States.

Ms. Rodriguez also pleaded with the citizens of Texas to do more to counter the infectious disease.

“These babies have not even lived their first birthday. Help us stop the spread of the virus,” she said.

The director, however, has not given more details with regards to the state of health of children.

In addition, Peter Zanoni, director general of the City of Corpus Christi, noted that the county is “the place in Texas where the growth in the number of cases is the largest on an average of 7 days”.

Approximately 8100 people infected in the city, while the virus has done 82 victims.

As of Saturday afternoon, the Texas had identified 317, 000 cases of the COVID-19 and nearly 4,000 deaths may be attributed, according to the Texas Health and Human Services.

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