8500$ for having shaved a hedge

8500$ pour avoir rasé une haie

A man of 73 years of Laval died before being able to take advantage of some 8500 $ that will have to pay his neighbor for a chicane of cedar hedge.

Marc Gingras has moved in on his land, in Laval, in 1973. There is planted, with its neighbour of the time, a cedar hedge to separate their respective fields.

Several years later, in 2001, Claude Loiseau and Hélène Matreau move to the side of Mr. Gingras.

Spring 2014

All goes well during the years that followed… until the spring of 2014, according to a decision made on 20 may last to the Court of Québec.

“Mr Loiseau has well tested the waters with Mr. Gingras on how to install a fence adjoining, but the latter is formally opposed to this idea. He made it clear to Mr. Loiseau that if he wants a fence, he did that to install it on its own ground, ” says the court document.

The couple then makes a mockery of the decision of its neighbour and destroys the hedge.

“Being of the opinion that the hedge is located on his lot and that it belongs to them, the defendants did not ask the permission of Mr. Gingras before proceed to cut. “

For this gesture, the judge Johanne Gagnon has demanded that the neighbors of Mr. Gingras pay a little more for 8500 $.


But the septuagenarian died before see the color of this money because he died on June 30, 2019.

It was his wife, Lise Roy, who has pursued this matter in the absence of her deceased husband.

“The defendants were not without knowing that Marc Gingras wanted to retain a hedge between the two properties in order to preserve their privacy. They have acted in a reckless and cavalier by cutting the hedge without permission of either Mr. Gingras itself or of the Court. “

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