“9 the voice of the country”: all the details of the first live broadcast

In the new issue of spectators were treated to a surprise decision of the coaches and vivid performances of the participants

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"Голос країни 9": все подробности первого прямого эфира

Ksenia Barcalova on “the voice of the country 9”

Sunday, April 7, was the first live show of “the Voice of the country” in which the fate of those who will be in the semi-finals were decided by the viewers and the coach of the project.

According to the rules of the show, in the quarterfinals from each coach stands at four members. The fate of one of them is decided by the viewers (is the participant who receives the maximum number of viewers), and who will make it a party decided by the coach. Thus from two members leaves the show, and the other two are in the semi-finals.

First made by the participants from the team of Tina Karol. Opened the show, David Axelrod, formerly Vladimir Tkachenko. He sang a medley of songs by the legendary band Queen.

Next on the stage of the show was the girl with the feature – Ksenia Baicalova. Xenia vision problems, but she did not stop to stay confident on the stage show.

After Xenia for spectators saw a performance of a girl with powerful vocals, which in the past had grilled burgers and was a waitress. Nick Topilko “lit” the scene with the song Ain’t no sunshine.

The last of the team, He made the contestant who has managed to catch the fancy of many viewers – Andrew Hyatt.

The results of the voting in the semi-finals was Andrew Hyatt. Company to Andrew in the next live, according to the choice of Tina Karol, will be David Axelrod.

The following were made by the participants from the team of Dmitry Montika.

The Duo of brothers Tarantovich became the first Duo in the last live show “Golos Krainy”.

The girl with the magical voice of Alina Podluzhnaya fascinated the audience by performing a song Kuzma Scriabin “Movchaty”. Note that Alina came from Belarus.

Racy Victoria Oleynik plaster removed and first appeared on stage without crutches. She performed the complex and beautiful song California dreamin.

Watchmaker Andrey Karpov made everyone to dance by singing the song Monster.

According to VOX, the next live is Victoria Oleynik. Also Dmitry Montico had to choose which of the remaining participants will make the company to Victoria in the semifinals. The choice has fallen on Andrey Karpov.

After members of the team Dmitry Montica on the scene made by the team members Potap.

Rock-star Victoria Yagitch that the quail hit MARUV.

Arseniy Zhuravel has sedell from my presentation “mini-musical” unusually rehash of the hit MOZGI – “Polyube”.

The following appeared on the stage, Bogdan Renk, who performed the song the young singer and blogger Jerry Heil “Security, cancel”.

The last of team captain was made by Kseniya arsentieva. The girl sang a song Jamala and Dakha Brakha – “Lured”.

Closed broadcast team members Dan Balan.

Ex-boxer Vyacheslav Kretov sang the song of the Ocean als “Sun”.

The audience’s favorite Katerina Run, where Dan recorded the song, on the stage performed their hit Adele Hello.

Second Kvitka Cisyk – Oksana Mukha sang the song “Vorozhka” singer Maxima.

Many of your favorite song Sting – Desert Rose sang Rafi Hatam from Oman.

The result of the vote in live broadcasts from the team Balan was Oksana Mukha. The second participant, who chose Dan Balan – Rafi Chatham.

Earlier we wrote that DZIDZIO made a surprise announcement at the show “Golos Krainy 9”.

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"Голос країни 9": все подробности первого прямого эфира

"Голос країни 9": все подробности первого прямого эфира

"Голос країни 9": все подробности первого прямого эфира


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