“9 the voice of the country”: all the details of the semi-final show

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"Голос країни 9": все детали полуфинала шоу

The voice of the country 9

Sunday, April 14, semi-finals vocal talent show “Golos Krainy 9”, in which teams from each of the coaches took part in two of the contestant.

The semifinals opened from Lvov with the magical vocals Oksana Mukha from the team of Dan Balan. She performed the song “Two colors”. As admitted herself Oksana, her family had often performed this song and she is very close to her.

Next on stage were the Omani Prince Rafi Chatham. The guy surprised the audience with an unexpected transformation – from a timid singer, she became a rock star. Dan Balan noted that Rafi is able to change, as a singer and as a performer, which is commendable.

Note that in the semi-final the participants have come on stage to sing with her coach. Oksana, Rafi and Dan performed their hit Dana – Hold on Love.

It is worth noting that in the semi-final vote, the viewers, but the coach evaluates his players, then the results are summed. So, Dan gave 51% Oksana Mukha, and 49 – Rafi. Viewers voted as follows: 90% they gave Oksana Mukha, 10 % – Rafi Hatimu. Thus, Oksana went to the finals.

Second in line were patients Potap – the girl with powerful vocals Karina Arsentyeva and rock-mummy Victoria Yagitch. Karina was struck by the incredible performance of the song Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing.

All the coaches gave her a standing ovation. After Karina was made by Victoria with the song “blackthorn flowers”. Tina noted that the Captain would be “difficult to choose between the wards”.

Threesome with sensual Karina and Victoria sang the hit Potap and Oleg winnick “Best day of my life”. Victoria Potapov gave 49% and Karine – 51. Viewers also expressed a preference for Karina. From them she received 60%, 40% gave Victoria. Thus, Karina Arsentiev was the final show.

The first team of Montica made Victoria Oleynik, and if the girl at all associated with the “incendiary device” in this broadcast, as noted by Tina, Victoria has shown a new side, performing the touching song “the Falcons”.

A former watchmaker Andrey Karpov sang Still Got The Blues Gary Moore. “You firmachi”, – said Dmitry Montik. Tina also made a compliment to Andrew: “You sang it like you wrote yourself. This rarely happens”.

After the performances of both players, Monatic went out with them on stage, making the mix of their song “Let’s dance” and the hit Bruno Mars ‘ Uptown Funk.

It’s time for results. 51% Monatic gave Victoria, and 49% – to Andrey. Viewers voted Victoria – 55%, and Andrew is 45%. Thus, in the final from a team of Maratika will perform Victoria.

Complete the semi-final wards of Tina Karol. On stage were David Axelrod, singing the song his late father, the legendary Ukrainian singer Nicholas Brain. David said that the song he was to perform particularly exciting.

The darling of Ukraine, member of the national selection for “Eurovision 2019” Andrew Hayat sang his hit KAZKA “Crying” in a very unexpected arrangement.

After participants performed their songs, they came on stage with Tina Karol, singing the song of Rihanna Diamonds.

51% Tina Karol gave Andrew, and 49% to David. Viewers gave Andrew 68% and 32% went to David. Thus Andrew Hyatt is in the final stage of the project.

Previously, we have described all the details of the quarter-finals of the show “Golos Krainy 9”.

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"Голос країни 9": все детали полуфинала шоу

"Голос країни 9": все детали полуфинала шоу

"Голос країни 9": все детали полуфинала шоу


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