90 000 masks volatilize in Toronto

90 000 masques se volatilisent à Toronto

MIRABEL | A manufacturer from the North Shore of Montreal is indignant that criminals have recently been able to him to steal 90 000 masks for Quebec during a transfer to the Toronto airport.

“It is shameful “, drops Pierre-Jean Messier, president and founder of I3 Biomedical, a company that manufactures masks autodécontaminants, Mirabel.

Last Friday, it was learned by his air carrier that one of his shipments containing 90 000 masks “was missing” the call from the may 12, according to an email viewed by The Journal.

These masks, assembled in Mexico and that will lead to Montreal, would have mysteriously disappeared into thin air during a transfer in an area “highly secure” of the Lester B. Pearson international Airport, Toronto.

Rare commodity

The delivery in question was promised to the workers of the Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) de Québec.

The company Mirabel was heard to deliver nearly 2.5 million units in the next few weeks.

“At the present time, the masks, it is as precious as diamonds “, compare Claude Neunlist, sales representative at I3 Biomedical.

The latter believes that his company has been the victim of a vol

The company bypassed the United States by airways to some three or four times the cost price of transport by ship, as a precautionary measure.

“It was just for not to be taken by Trump “, admits without hesitation Mr. Neunlist.

However, it is ironically in Canada the strange disappearance occurred.

“We expected it elsewhere, but not here. When everyone knows that the health workers are missing… “, laments Pierre-Jean Messier.

“It is not the third world,” adds his colleague, who says that he has never seen such an “aberration” in his career.

Quebec prioritized

Now, the question for them to transit through Toronto.

“We found alternatives that we will not reveal, but it delays each delivery of two or three days, calculated Mr. Messier. It complicates the logistics, but it minimizes the risks. “

Nevertheless, this unfortunate situation did not affect the CHU de Québec, ” he said.

“The people of Japan with whom we do business have agreed to take the additional time so that we can serve the Quebec priority “, reassures there.

A search to find their property missing is ongoing, but the colleagues are based to be little hope on this one.

“They are taking steps, but we will not delude ourselves “, concludes Claude Neunlist.

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