A 20-year-old Quebecer among the stars of the ECHL

A 20-year-old Quebecer among the stars of the ECHL


In his first season as a professional, Patrick Guay pulled off a tour de force by obtaining an invitation to the ECHL All-Star Game to be held Monday in Norfolk, Virginia.

He received this honor after collecting 22 points in just 21 games with the Savannah Ghost Pirates.

“I see it as a candy,” said Patrick Guay. I don't see it as a big deal, but it's fun to be chosen.” 

“I'll try to have as much fun as possible. It's a great experience.”

The Quebecer had a good reason to miss several games with his team. 

“I haven't played much in the ECHL because I got called up to Henderson a couple of times in the American League (an affiliate of the Las Vegas Golden Knights), he explained.”

< p>“I am in a season of learning and development. So far, it's going well.”

Eyes on his dream

Guay was a fifth-round pick of the Golden Knights in the last draft. Instead of playing one last season in the QMJHL at age 20, he decided to make the leap to the pros. 

“The leaders of the Golden Knights are happy with my performance,” said Guay. They prefer that I play in the ECHL so that I can have as much ice time as possible.”

“They want me to be used in all game situations and on special teams. As long as I play on the last two lines in the AHL, they want me to be used on the first two with the Ghost Pirates. I try to improve myself every day.”

When he is called back to Henderson, a town on the outskirts of Las Vegas, he gets closer to his ultimate goal: to play in the NHL. a bit more. I feel more attainable. Plus, we can go see Golden Knights games when we have time off.”

“You see how special hockey is. The stands are full. It's a beautiful city. When I'm at Henderson, I savor every moment.”

While waiting for a regular job in the American League, he travels a lot by plane. 

“It's an experience that will serve me for the rest of my life. I try not to worry too much with the many recalls and dismissals in the minors. For sure I would like to play more games at Henderson.”

“The quality of my game is not in question. It's more a question of role and development.”

Marchessault : a model

At 5 9 inches, Guay is a small forward. On the other hand, as we have seen on several occasions, it is possible for an athlete to have a career in the NHL with the right tools. 

In the case of the hockey player from Magog, his offensive qualities are beyond doubt. In his last year in the QMJHL, he scored 104 points, including 55 goals, in 68 games with the Charlottetown Islanders. 

“It's my offensive instinct and my ethics to work that will allow me to reach the next level. On the ice, my intelligence allows me to see the games well. I have a good shot.”

With the Golden Knights, he has a top role model, that of Jonathan Marchessault. 

“The organization often tells me to look in his direction. We met at training camp. He's a very good player and a good person.” 

“It's fun to see a guy of my size having so much success in the NHL. It allows me to dream and believe that my goal is achievable.”