A 2024 city contract to actively care for 11,000 residents of Sète and Frontignan

A 2024 city contract to actively care for 11,000 residents of Sète and Frontignan

La signature a eu lieu mercredi à La Passerelle. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Le document impliquant pas moins de 17 partenaires sur les Quartiers Politique de la Ville de Sète et de Frontignan fixe les orientations jusqu’en 2030.

This may seem trivial. One more convention in the thick administrative mille-feuille so dear to France. But the city contract signed on Wednesday July 10 in the Passerelle de Sète room, in the Île de Thau district, is undoubtedly the most important in the stratum. Let us judge.

Reducing poverty

On the occasion of the signing of the city contract for the period 2024/2030, no less than 17 institutions or local actors were present. The State of course with the prefect Lauch, the mayor of Sète concerned by the Île de Thau and city center sector, as much as the mayor of Frontignan for the Deux-Pins district. But also the Caf, the Region, the Department, the BPI, the chamber of trades, the local mission, France travail… Each of these actors, in any case, contractualizes, via this city contract, its intention to reduce the difference in development of areas classified as City Political Districts (QPV). In short, reduce poverty.

11 000 inhabitants affected

"This represents 11 000 inhabitants between the Île de Thau, the city center of Sète and Les Deux-Pins in Frontignan&quot ;, explained François Commeinhes, recalling the main axes of the system: "ecological transition, emancipation, education, public tranquility, security, employment, social cohesion, housing and living environment". On the previous contract, period 2015/2022, some 1 039 actions were carried out in this direction for financing of more than 21 M€.

Actions closer to citizens

"We can no longer afford to have citizens in housing dating from the 60s", said, for example, Michel Arrouy. The mayor of Frontignan is, for once, very happy that the prefect has accepted the expansion of the QPV perimeter in his city, and that he has also pushed for its integration into the national Cœur de Ville program. "This city contract must allow us to carry out actions as close as possible to our fellow citizens ? This is a bit of the criticism that they expressed to the last elections, he continued, recalling the necessary support for the associations involved but also that Security is not a bad word. Police action is not only curative, it can be preventive".

And now ?

The City Contract is animated by a governance which provides for the meeting of its committee strategic management at least once a year, and plans to carry out an annual activity review, a first evaluation of its impact &agrav; mid-term in 2026 and a second at the end of the contract in 2030.

The prefect's requirements

"I was surprised that security was not part of the previous contract", remarked François-Xavier Lauch. Before announcing that other Place Nette operations are scheduled after the start of the school year. "I also asked that there be no scattering of actions and that if an action is not effective that we stop it straight away". For the prefect, the solution to fight against "the counter-models that are drug trafficking and separatism, is to give work to young people and fight against & rsquo;idleness." France Services, which brings together all State services, will therefore settle on the Island of Thau to take care of first domain. And the partners of the City Contract will take care, in particular, of the second.
"All the tools are there. There is everything you need. Now we have to roll up our sleeves", concluded Marie-Alice Pele, vice-president of the Region in charge of city policy. And there is urgency. If the poverty rate in Hérault is around 20% and it is double in the Political Districts of the city.

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