A 2nd case of jewelry missing in the same ltc facility: “It’s really disgusting”

Un 2e cas de bijoux disparus dans le même CHSLD: «C'est vraiment dégueulasse»

A second family in tears is unable to find the jewelry belonging to a resident of the accommodation centre and the Gardens of the Haut Saint-Laurent to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

This is the second case of the disappearance of jewelry value reported in 48 hours in the same institution, after that the three sisters have filed a formal complaint with the Sûreté du Québec to investigate.

At the time of retrieve the personal effects of his mother, who died on the 6th of June last, Diane Viger has not been able to recover the necklace, the ring, the alliances and the gold earrings of the deceased, Irene Petitclerc.

“When I went to pick up his things in a “container” on the outside, I found the famous jewelry in a bag, but it was a necklace of shells. It was no matter what. Her jewels were not there,” says Ms. Viger in an interview with TVA News.

While the same CHSLD has been pointed out on two occasions, the two families unable to find the jewelry of their mother have done business with two funeral homes different.

“Given that she died of the COVID-19, my mother was in a sealed bag that a funeral home could not open it. I think they did the cremation with the bag,” says Ms. Viger.

On the side of the shelter, a nurse explained to Diane Viger that it is difficult to remove the jewelry on the body of a recently deceased person by reason of the pallor of cadaveric and swelling of the body.

Diane Viger can’t understand for what reasons it was not possible to remove the jewelry for a few minutes after his death.

“I said to the nurse: “she Had a swollen ears also that you may not be able to remove her earrings?””, exclaims the old lady.

Believer first to the scenario of the cremation with the jewelry, Diane Viger believes now that he is a flight in respect of the situation experienced by another family in the same ltc facility.

“It is terrible to steal a lady of 95 years who is dead! That can’t be true. It’s really disgusting,” added the lady going through the grieving process.

On the side of the direction of the Gardens, the Upper St. Lawrence river, for the families of the residents that a search will be made to recover the jewelry.

More common than you might think

The president of the Council of the protection of the sick, Paul Brunet, feels very little sympathy for individuals who commit these flights, citing the passage the example of his own brother, the victim of a theft before they die.

“Statistically, we’re talking about 200 flights reported every year. Flights usually occur between the time of death when the family is not there, and the transportation of the body to the services of embalming,” said Paul Brunet, in an interview with LCN.

“This is not uncommon, it is “cheap” and it takes, excuse me the expression, nasty ass holes to steal people when they die, and, despite the complaints, many families never return to the jewelry stolen”, laments the legal adviser.

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