A 7th a conservative member of the Quebec vote for Peter MacKay

Un 7e député conservateur au Québec donne son vote à Peter MacKay

The federal mp for Beauce Richard Lehoux is added to the list of conservative mps in Quebec who endorse the nomination of Peter MacKay for the leadership of the party.

He becomes the 7th member of parliament, a conservative, on the 10 elected representatives of the quebec caucus in Ottawa, to stand firmly in the camp of MacKay. Richard Lehoux made the announcement by way of press release on Thursday evening.

“For me, Peter MacKay is the candidate that brings people together. After having spoken to several times, Mr. MacKay is the one who best understands the issues related to rurality and the reality of the people of beauce”, he said.

The former Defence minister, welcomed the arrival of Richard Lehoux in his camp. “With his knowledge of the agricultural world and her experience as a mayor, he is an invaluable asset to the conservative caucus. I have made some firm commitments to protect the supply management and I know that with Richard Lehoux, the producers will always have a strong voice to defend their interests,” adds Mr. MacKay, in the same press release.

Mr. Lehoux following in the footsteps of his colleagues, Pierre Paul-Hus, Joël Godin, Steven Blaney, Luc Berthold, Bernard Généreux, and Jacques Gourde, giving his support to Peter MacKay. In Quebec, only the conservative mp for Chicoutimi–Le Fjord, Richard Martel, has stowed away in the camp of Erin O’toole, the main opponent of Peter MacKay.

Let us recall that the deputies Gérard Deltell and Alain Rayes have chosen not to publicly endorse any candidate and remain neutral. The members of the conservative Party have until 21 August to register their vote for the leadership of the party. The other two aspiring leaders are Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis.

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