A bar in Saint-Jérôme closed 20 more days

Un bar de Saint-Jérôme fermé 20 jours de plus

A bar in Saint-Jérôme will be closed for 20 days as punishment for multiple violations of the sanitary rules put in place to counter the pandemic of COVID-19.

“According to me, since the beginning, we apply [the rules of public health], we are just going to apply it more severely,” said Friday, Antoine Villeneuve, owner of the Mondo Bistro Lounge at the time of convening of the bar, in front of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).

Its facility, located at 283, rue Saint-Georges, Saint-Jérôme, were stunned by the authorities last July 14.

The police of Saint-Jérôme had made observations that were alarming with regard to the non-compliance of the government rules during several evenings, after the announcement of the reopening of the bars.

Neither mask nor distancing

Lack of, or problematic use of masks, no washing of hands, distancing physically non-existent, customers observed dancing : the list of criticisms was long.

“Customers were coming in and out of the establishment with a group without apparent. No one was sitting at the tables, customers were standing and some were gathered, and danced, ” one can read in the notice of meeting, on the night of June 27th last.

Officers testified last week in front of the RACJ, to share what they had found.


An agreement is finally reached between the parties on Friday to determine the sanction against the Mondo Bistro Lounge.

Taking into account the closure since the 14th of July, it was agreed that the licence of the hotel’s bar would be suspended for an additional period of 20 days, or until August 13, at midnight.

It is a heavy consequence for non-compliance with public health rules, since the bar was closed for a total of a month.

The owner of Mondo, has been well informed by the commissioners that he could face more severe consequences in case of recurrence.

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