A BBQ cause 14 contamination and a death within a family

Un BBQ cause 14 contaminations et un mort au sein d'une même famille

A straightforward meeting around a barbecue has led to the contamination of 14 members of the same family in Dallas, Texas. One of these people has lost their life and another is in a critical state.

After months without having seen neither his parents nor those of her partner, Tony Green believed that the situation was sufficiently secure to hold a party around the barbecue at home in the company of the two families. None of the six participants in this meeting had symptoms at the time of the event, but just a few days later, 14 members of the family had received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19.

Rafael Ceja, the father-in-law of Tony Green, is still in intensive care on life support, 11 days later, after developing pneumonia. The mother of 68 years of Mr. Ceja has lost his life after he contracted the virus.

“Everyone assured me that this was not my fault, but this is my home,” said Green to the network FOX4.

The 43-year-old has also been admitted to the intensive care unit, before obtaining his leave. It must, however, always deal with the remorse.

“Even if we don’t know who had the virus, it has spread because I had the idea to organize this meeting. I have difficulty living with this thought”, says he.

Tony Green admits that he was not wearing the mask, a decision that he regrets now bitterly.

“I feel bad about the way I perceived people who were so concerned about the disease,” recognizes the man.

The family now hopes that Rafael Ceja will be able to defeat the virus, to turn the page on this difficult episode can serve as an example of the dangers of the COVID-19.

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