A BBQ for the summer

Un BBQ pour l’été

With the nice weather and long evenings, summer is the time for good smells of barbecue is floating in the air. This year, more than ever, the Quebec plebiscite the BBQ. For those who don’t have one yet, or for those who want to replace their BBQ’s aging, here’s our guide of purchase and maintenance.

The choice of fuel

In the world of BBQ, there are different types of fuels on the market. Each fuel carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages. What type of fuel is best for you ?

The propane gas

The propane BBQ is popular for its speed of obtaining heat.

The propane BBQ are the most numerous on the market. Their huge advantage is their speed of obtaining heat. “In 10 to 12 minutes, you are ready to cook on your BBQ’, says Benjamin Alarie, corporate chef of Weber.

Its simplicity of use and maintenance, as well as its ability to be used at any time, even in winter, indulge number of Quebecers.

For Benjamin Alarie, the number of owners of propane BBQ do not use their machine. Given the intense heat, and reached quickly, people tend to cook at too high a temperature. “It is necessary to know how to manage the temperature of the grids in order to facilitate a clear understanding of our food and subsequently move them into an area less hot to continue cooking,” he said.

The coal

Coal remains the choice of the purist. “The benefits are many, says Benjamin Alarie. The taste, the heat, the time to build his cooking, the species of wood possible to give the tastes and textures are different… The coal is very versatile for getting to cook at high temperature or low temperature for a long cooking, or smoking. “

Simon-Pierre Laliberté, manager of the department’s seasonal BMR FV Lalonde, Les Coteaux, note the comeback of BBQ coal for a few years, even if they require more time and maintenance. “The coal is more and more fashionable. I call it the BBQ weekend. We get together, it takes its time. “

The only disadvantage of the coal : “cleaning and disposal of the ashes after cooking is complete, describes Benjamin Alarie. ll need a metal container to dispose of the ashes safely. ”

Wood pellets

The wood pellets used in BBQ’s, specially designed for this purpose and which should be plugged in to an electrical outlet. “The advantage is its simplicity of use and its ability to make long-cooked without too much effort, says Benjamin Alarie, while Weber has launched this year its first BBQ wood pellets, the Smoke Fire. Cooking with wood pellets gives an incredible flavor to food without difficulty. “

The consumer will have to fill the smoker pellets, plug it in and select the cooking temperature. The BBQ takes care of the rest ! There are several species of wood for different flavors.

On the down side, it can be noted that this BBQ must be connected to the electricity, so it is less mobile. Benjamin Alarie also note that it is absolutely necessary to ” protect the granules from moisture to ensure good combustion uniform. “


BBQ electric to meet the growing demand of the owners and tenants of condominium units that face a restrictive regulation. In fact, many condominiums prohibit the use of BBQ
propane or charcoal on balconies or terraces.

“With a good power to seize the good steaks or to get burgers juicy, these BBQ’s are easy to maintain and can be used outside,
describes Benjamin Alarie. These models are made especially for cooking direct view of the configuration of the burner. Cooking long or indirect is less clear on this type of BBQ, but still possible with a bit of experience ! It is an excellent choice when you are limited in space requirements, and regulations ! ”

Three trends to follow

1. The thermometers connected

The thermometer is connected is one of the great trends of this summer to hone your grilling.

The industry’s BBQ is no exception to the trend of connected objects. Thus, the thermometers are connected, by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, have appeared on the market. Applications allow you to know when the desired temperature is reached, and how long you should leave your steak on the grill.

Weber is one of the leaders on the market with the iGrill, the thermometer is connected, and has just launched the Weber Connect, a wizard, connected to the grill that sends, via Wi-Fi, notifications directly to your smart phone on all the stages of cooking, from the preparation of the barbecue until the moment when it is necessary to return the food, serve it and enjoy it.

2. The pieces and chips of wood

Nothing like chunks and wood chips to give a subtle taste to your meals. Many brands have launched their wood chips, ideal for a propane BBQ (we put them in a smoker box on the grill), or pieces of wood for the BBQ coal. We can find different species such as the apple-tree, the hickory, the walnut, or cherry. It is the smoke of the wood which will give more flavors to your dishes.

3. The return to local products

According to Benjamin Alarie, head of corporate at Weber, ” the return to local products will make this year a great place the food on our plates, and it is so much better. We have so many fine products of quebec, then do not hesitate to put one up in our plate. With the current situation, a return to the cuts of meat less well-known will also be the order of the day, sometimes by lack of choice or for the sake of economy. We are confident we can discover new things. ”

Tips in bulk

  • For the propane BBQ, protected during the winter, it is necessary to démancher the burner and clean it in the beginning of the season.
  • For BBQ wood pellets, vacuum in the compartment in each pocket of granules 20 lb, so about four to five times per year for regular consumption.
  • For the BBQ coal, remove ash regularly and scrape the bottom of the BBQ with a ball of aluminum.
  • The cover is recommended for the BBQ, which are located next to a swimming pool or a spa, because of the chlorine, ” says Simon-Pierre Laliberté, of BMR. If applicable, this is not advisable as the cover tends to keep the moisture which could cause rust.
  • The cast-iron grates need to be oiled after each use.

Tips for maintenance maximum

The maintenance of the grilles should be done prior to each use.

You would like your BBQ to offer you many years of grilling without worry ? “Give time to your BBQ ! “says Benjamin Alarie. The corporate chef of Weber advises to brush the grates before each use to remove all the food residues stuck. “But the cleaning never stops, especially not at this stage ! The cleaning of your cooking vessel and of your recovery of fat is also put. Cleaning BBQ in the spring and in the fall is far enough. Depending on your use, I would suggest you take 15 minutes per month to remove your grids, remove your baffles heat, remove the system recovery fat and clean well using products maintenance. Rinse well, dry and reassemble the beast. Here it is, 15 minutes to have a BBQ clean and enjoy to the maximum the performance of your machine. “

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