A bear condemned to death after having attacked a group of hikers

Un ours condamné à mort après avoir attaqué des randonneurs

Fabio Misseroni, 59 years old, and her son, Christian Misseroni, 28 years old, were hiking on Monday on a road in mont Peller in the region of Trentino, Italy, when a brown bear has burst on their way.

The bear has bitten the leg of Christian Misseroni before his father jumps on the back of the animal so that he could escape, said the son to CNN.

The bear was then bitten and struck the older man, breaking his leg in three places. His son jumped up and down and hit the hands to distract the bear before the animal fled into the woods, ” he remembers.

The regulations of the Italian national Institute for environmental protection and research require that bears that attack humans are euthanized.

However, groups defending the rights of animals in Italy are calling for the authorities to lift the death penalty against the bears in question.

After the attack, the governor of Trentino, Maurizio Fugatti, has signed an order to slaughter enabling the capture and killing of the bear, as the authorities try to identify due to the DNA from the saliva and fur left by the scratches and bites, and on the garments of the father and of the son.

But calls are growing for the bears in this latest attack to be left alone – at least until the circumstances of the case become clearer. The Italian group for the defence of animals Animalisti Italiani and the world wide Fund for nature called on the local government to suspend the felling order until a thorough investigation is conducted.

Nearly 15,000 people had signed on Saturday a petition by the world wide Fund for nature to save the bear, calling for an immediate ban on the death penalty.

The Italian minister of the Environment also wrote a letter saying he was against the slaughter of the bear, which, according to him, could be a female protecting her cubs.

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