A bear is introduced to repetition in his court

Un ours s’introduit à répétition dans sa cour

A woman from the Okanagan, in southern British Columbia, leads a struggle long-term with a brown bear that is constantly introduce in his back yard.

During its most recent intrusion, the animal took the opportunity to dip a bit in the pool.

The lady, who resides in the Mission neighbourhood in Kelowna, says in a video having already surprised the bear to climb on his furniture. The bears have also stole one of the cushions of the furniture, ” she says.

Exasperated by the presence of the animal, the woman has decided to try to hunt the animal of his property in trying to make him afraid to poke in the window. But his multiple attempts have been unsuccessful.

So, she decides to open the door to shout him out of his swimming pool. It is at this time that the animal finally takes flight.

Happy ending, however for the lady who has been able to regain his cushion in chasing the animal from her home.

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