A been waiting for Benoît Brière

Un été d’attente pour Benoît Brière

Present at the television with the comedy “Madame Lebrun”, Benoît Brière was also to occupy the boards of the theatre, this summer, with the resumption of “Broue”.

A tour of almost 200 shows the expected beginning in mid-June, but everything has been postponed. At the same time, the actor has sold his home and organized two office moves. A period full of emotions.

Benedict, is that the project “Madame Lebrun” is over for you?

It is important to know that the last season, which is still broadcast, was entirely in quebec. When we arrived at the end of all the episodes of the original English version, we asked for permission to write our own scenarios, and to my great surprise, they accepted. The door is therefore open to writing new episodes. The whole team want it to continue, but we are waiting to have the confirmation from the broadcaster and producer to possibly launch a fifth season. I want to get back to it, because it was really fun.This summer, you had to play “Broue” in Terrebonne, before going on tour.

What will happen in the end?

We have postponed our summer 2020 summer 2021, and will start in August instead of June. For the tour, it’s mainly the broadcasters in the region who decide what will happen. We have already done the exercise to find dates and see the shows from the fall of 2021, but there are broadcasters that would like to retake before. For example, we always have dates in Brossard in September next. The ease is that our show already exists, it has been repeated, the setting is built and is waiting in a warehouse. I think, when the halls will reopen, the broadcasters will most certainly want to shows that are already ready to roll. But it still depends on their decision.

How took place the last few weeks?

I’ve not had a lot of rest, because I sold my house in St-Lambert and we could make it at the notary public just before the containment. But during this time, I am building a house in the country, and the work was stopped. To add to all that, we had two moves, one part is passed from Saint-Lambert to our pied-à-terre in Montreal, and the rest is gone to the country house. Fortunately, the garage was finished and we were able to store stuff there.

Was it a period of anxiety for you?

I managed quite well, because everyone is healthy. We spent time together as a family and we made boxes! Professionally, it is quite difficult, especially since I’ve done a lot of scenes in the last few years. I very much look forward to coming back to television or at the cinema. I admit that I can’t help but think of what will happen.

Did you have any shoots planned for the summer?

I had to work on the new “Plan B”, but in all likelihood, it will be next spring. In the meantime, I’ll be able to ask and me to rest. I will also be able to have a personal reflection and professional about what I want to do from now on. I’ll take the opportunity to take a little step back and see what I want for the future.

Is it that the country house is soon ready?

We should have planted the last nail in mid-August, but we will not go live before a small piece. For the time being, we settle down in the city. My daughters of 17 and 19 years and are very happy that we are now in the city. They will have a lot less travel time to go to the university and the cégep in the fall, if course there is a.

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