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A big careless mistake during the Astros game

Big careless mistake during Astros game


Referee Jim Wolf must believe in second or even fourth chances, as he did not retire Houston Astros slugger Yordan Alvarez after he took three strikes in the third inning of the duel Wednesday also involving the Boston Red Sox.

It must be said that strangely, no player, manager or referee noticed this careless error. Still, it's clear by watching the replay that Alvarez did stretch his batting presence before being grounded out.

Red Sox gunner Rich Hill threw a ball to start his duel against the Cuban hitter. He then hit a first strike under a curveball and then saw Alvarez hit a foul ball to make it two strikes. A shifting pitch should have sent the Astros player back to safety, but no one reacted when he stayed in place to attempt a fifth strike.

This incident likely did not had no effect on the result of the match, won 6 to 1 by the Texas team. Alvarez, however, has 30 home runs and 72 RBIs this season, and certainly could have extended the 4-0 lead his team enjoyed at this point in the game.

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