A big week in sight

A big week in sight

Bookstores will have to close their doors from December 25 to January 10. Denis Gamache and the employees of the Au Carrefour bookstore in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu are expecting a big start to the week.

A sense of disappointment hung in the air when this new shutdown was announced last Tuesday.

“It’s disappointing, but we expected a bit with the increase in cases and hospitalizations. It’s a bit like Yin and Yang. We are however happy to be able to be open until Christmas. It’s going to be a very big week, ”the bookseller said in an interview.

This period, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, is usually a good week at the Au Carrefour bookstore, which also has a branch at Promenades Montarville in Boucherville. Young fans of comics, manga and fantasy literature who have received money as gifts want to get their favorite books.

“The week after Christmas is almost as strong, in terms of sales, as the week before. It is not known if we will be able to recover the sales lost during this closure. Time will tell, ”dropped Denis Gamache, who made his debut, on all fours, screwing shelves, when the bookstore opened 20 years ago at Carrefour Richelieu.


The Au Carrefour bookstore had deactivated its online ordering service through the leslibraires.ca platform when the shops first closed in March.

“It was impossible for us to access our business. Once reactivated, in mid-May, online sales exploded. It was instantaneous. We didn’t have time to announce that we were back as orders were already coming in. We went from a few orders a day to dozens, ”he said.

A reflection is in place to determine if the online ordering service will be activated between December 25 and January 10.

“We are not yet fixed. It’s not a long shutdown. We must also take into account the fact that the suppliers will be closed until January 4. We will be able to sell what we have in store, but it will be more difficult with what we do not have, ”he noted.

Business is going well at both branches. The customers are back and many.

“We have pretty much become the center of attraction for the shopping center. It’s as if we had never left, ”he said.

The strength of the book

In recent years, the Au Carrefour bookstore has specialized in comics, manga and fantasy literature. A specialization that has established itself by being located close to the Chanoine-Armand-Racicot high school.

“Young people were the first customers to return to the bookstore when we reopened in mid-May. It was our busiest shelves. Manga is a bit like the Netflix of books with books that make you want to read the next one, ”he said.

The enthusiasm for books, since the start of the pandemic, translates, underlines the bookseller, the strength of the book.

“The book, in 2000 years, is the cultural product that has never been packed. We predicted its end with the arrival of digital technology and that the paper book would disappear. The book, at a time when everyone is in front of a screen, is here to stay. It allows you to get off the screens, ”he said.

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* Books can be purchased from independent bookstores via the site leslibraires.ca.

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