A blunder…a solution

A gaffe...a solution


Our collaborator Mrs. Stain Remover has compiled a list of tips for you to fix certain everyday gaffes.

Glasses well stuck< /p>

It's easy to separate two glasses stuck together by putting ice in the top one while you dip the bottom one in a bowl of hot water.

< p>Handkerchief particles on clothes

If you forgot a tissue in a pocket of a garment during the laundry, put your clothes in the dryer with two sheets of fabric softener, a few microfiber cloths or an old nylon stocking. Lint will stick to it when drying.

Marks on wooden furniture

The white circles left by a glass on a wooden piece of furniture can be removed by rubbing them with toothpaste and a soft, damp cloth. A little cigarette ash mixed with mayonnaise or a few drops of olive oil also removes these whitish traces. The lemon oil-based Goo-Gone product found in home improvement centers and many discount stores is also effective in removing this type of stain.

On black furniture, especially on the black melamine, quickly hide a scratch or wear mark on the edge of the furniture with a permanent ink felt-tip pen.

Nail polish on my jeans

As with all resistant fabrics, you can brush the fresh stain with nail polish remover containing a high level of acetone. You can find an excellent one in Dollarama stores. Blot the stain regularly with a paper towel, taking care not to spread it.

On a delicate fabric, use a cotton swab dipped in peroxide. Then rinse well with lukewarm water.

Chewing gum in the hair

Before cutting the strand of hair tangled in the chewing gum chew, rub the wick with peanut butter. You will easily release the gum thanks to its oily texture. All that remains is to wash all the hair.