A boost for cinemas

Un coup de pouce pour les cinémas

After having experienced an important rise of traffic in their establishments past Sunday due to the wet weather, the owners of theaters in the province are hoping that the increase in the maximum number of spectators per room will allow them to move at top speed over the next few weeks.

“It should give us a good boost,” said Daniel Séguin, vice-president in charge of operations for eastern Canada at Cineplex, the largest chain of cinemas in the country.

“It’s happened a few times in recent weeks that we should refuse people because they had reached the limit of 50 spectators. The new maximum capacity (250 persons per room) will give us more flexibility.”

On the side of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo believes that it can now operate at 50% of the maximum capacity of its larger venues while continuing to respect the distancing physics: “I believe that this new regulation sends a message to people that it is safe to go to the movies,” observes Vincent Guzzo. It will also help us for the next few weeks when we will have more news to offer to the public.”

A Sunday busy

Since they have reopened their doors, the 3 of July last, the cinema of québec, have trouble attracting moviegoers, particularly due to the lack of new american films into their programming. But, an encouraging sign, the traffic has increased significantly past Sunday due to the wet weather:

“There has been an increase of 52% compared to the previous Sunday, pointed out by Vincent Guzzo. It’s a lot, but at the same time, it has always been like that when it’s raining. There are always three to five times more traffic on rainy days.”

The film of suspense québécois Suspect number one has been the most popular film in the rooms of the province for a 4th week.

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