A boost of $ 30 million for tourism

Un coup de pouce de 30 millions $ pour le tourisme

The minister of economic Development, Mélanie Joly, announced on Tuesday a budget of $ 30 million to support the tourism sector of quebec, caught up-hit by the crisis of the COVID-19.

“We work with businesses to ensure that they are ready to re-open and assist the canadian tourism industry to recover”, she declared by way of press release.

“Our message to the sector is clear : we are here for you now with immediate action, it is there for you as the re-opening of our economy and we’ll leave together,” added the minister, who was on a visit to Sherbrooke for his announcement.

Of $ 30 million, the Alliance of the tourism industry in Québec will be allocated $ 13.5 million. The latter will assign the next non-repayable contributions to SMES in the accommodation sector, in particular.

The ad is financed, in part, with the regular budget of Canada economic Development, which includes regional development agencies such as that of Quebec.

The rest comes from a portion of the investment of 962 million $ presented in may, and named assistance Funds and stimulus regional (FARR).

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