A break of the pandemic at a reduced price, to the Monastery of the Augustines for the care staff

Une pause de la pandémie à prix réduit au Monastère des Augustines pour le personnel soignant

The employees of the health network and the community network who are at the front, since the beginning of the health crisis, will have access to discount packages to rejuvenate the Monastery of the Augustines in Old Quebec.

The packages are “close” to $ 99 (compared to more than $ 250) will be available shortly. They will allow the health care staff and workers of community-based resources to obtain a little respite in this “haven of heritage well-being”, transformed in 2015 to continue the mission of its foundresses arrived there nearly 400 years.

“In the time of a pandemic, we could not but observe, as all the world, the pressure has increased on the health network. We are all witnesses of the distress of the staff in health through the media and social networks. We will be focusing on a home that we can provide to those who are brought to the front”, said the director general of the Trust of the cultural heritage of the Augustinians, Nathalie Roy, during a press briefing Wednesday.

Grant of the federal

Jean-Yves Duclos, member of parliament for Québec and president of the Treasury Board in the Trudeau government, was announced Wednesday morning in a federal grant 72 $ 500 to contribute to the offer of programs of resourcement for front-line workers.

“This aid comes at an important for us to develop our programs for the respite of caregivers in collaboration with community partners of health and social services and the community, taking into account the current needs and adapting our offer to the reality experienced by caregivers who have been severely tested in recent months. Fatigue, stress and anxiety are more present than ever,” added Ms. Roy.

The amount 72 of $ 500 is in addition to some 140 000 $ collected from the public in the last month. From 15 June to 4 July last year, the Augustinians have launched a great movement of compassion and have market every day, for 20 days, successfully exceed their goal of $ 100,000.

Donations can still be sent to support the mission of the Augustinians by clicking here.

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