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A breath of fresh air for residents

A breath of fresh air for residents


Michèle Lemay


After 25 years in the field of fashion, Michèle Lemay made the leap to health to get closer to people, a successful bet which benefits both this new recreation attendant and the residents of her establishment, whom she brightens up with her innovative and creative activities.

” The soul of the PPL, the Philippe-Lapointe Pavilion, is Michèle, she is greatly appreciated by residents, employees and families,” bluntly states Gilles Doyon, manager of the residential care center of (CHSLD) located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, in the Laurentians. 

Before leading the leisure activities, Michèle Lemay first rubbed shoulders with the 120 residents as a beneficiary attendant .

The 44 year-old woman is one of the 9,500 Quebecers who have taken the intensive three-month training, proposed by the Legault government in May 2020, to help out in CHSLDs.

« J loved it,” recalls Ms. Lemay. A few months earlier, she had decided to leave the fashion world, not really knowing where to go. His health experience gave him a taste for the industry. 

Unfortunately, after her one-year internship at the PPL, she failed to secure a position. His manager then offered to take care of leisure.

“I am a person with energy, I am not shy, I like to sing and dance, so I says: why not?,” she explains. residents' favorite activity, Michèle Lemay innovates to make them live memorable moments. 

“Last week, we went on a cruise on Lake Tremblant,” she says. . 

The recreation attendant has also launched a monthly journal containing, in particular, anecdotes and photos of life at the PPL. 

Improving the living environment

Ms Lemay doesn't hesitate to help out outside of work either. ” I was on vacation and I drove our volunteer Diane and her husband, who lives here, to their daughter ,” says Michèle Lemay. 

A gesture that moved Diane Fortin . “It was wonderful, the day was magical, I have chills, thank you, Michèle,” she says, grateful.

If her manager speaks of her as “A breath of fresh air” at the PPL, Mrs Lemay prefers to remind you that everyone is working to improve the living environment. 

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