A brother of Trump wants to block the publication of a book family

Un frère de Trump veut bloquer la publication d’un livre familial

WASHINGTON | One brother, Donald Trump has filed a legal action to attempt to block the publication of a book potentially explosive written by a niece of the american president on the family, reported Tuesday by the New York Times.

“Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” (” Too much and never enough: how my family has created the most dangerous man in the world ” in French) should go out on the 28th of July.

Robert S. Trump has asked a court in Queens, New York, to prevent the publication of the book of Mary Trump, because the latter allegedly violated a confidentiality agreement she would have signed in connection with the legacy of Fred Trump, his great-grandfather — the father of Donald Trump.

“His attempt to dramatize and distort our relationships with family after all these years to take financially advantage is both a travesty and an injustice done to the memory (…) of our parents, beloved,” said Robert S. Trump, in a statement cited by the newspaper.

“The rest of the family and I are so very proud of my wonderful brother, the president, and for us the actions of Mary are really a shame “, he added.

According to the publisher, Simon & Schuster, these memoirs shine “a harsh light on the dark history” of the family of the american president.

In this book of 240 pages, Mary Trump recounts the events she witnessed in the home of his grandparents in New York.

“She described a nightmare because of trauma, relationships, destructive, and a mixture of tragic neglect and abuse,” says the publishing house.

According to the news site Daily Beast, Mary Trump should also reveal that it is the main source of a large survey on the finances of Donald Trump published by the New York Times.

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