A call for peace: Madonna showed the flag of Palestine in the broadcast of the Eurovision song contest 2019

Legendary American singer provoked a scandal with his performance

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Призыв к миру: Мадонна показала флаг Палестины в эфире Евровидения 2019


American star Madonna this year performed at the Eurovision song contest in 2019 tel Aviv as a guest. In the final, which was held on Saturday, may 18, the star scored an unexpected act, which provoked a real scandal.

So, during performances in the Grand final of the Eurovision song contest 2019 two people dancers Madonna showed the flags of Palestine and Israel. According to the organizers of the competition, such performance during the performance the American singer was not planned. They are also highly critical about the antics of a celebrity. “Eurovision is not a political event, and Madonna knew about it”, – said the representatives of the European broadcasting Union.

The network also ambiguously expressed about the Palestinian and Israeli flags in representation of the Madonna and the star calls himself a freedom fighter. In his Instagram singer has posted a video of the performance at Eurovision and signed one of the rollers so: “Madame X — the freedom fighter. I am grateful for the opportunity to convey their message to the world”.

Note that Madonna herself spoke out in a black Cape and eye patch. On the main stage of Eurovision-2019, she performed two songs.

Recall that before the Eurovision 2019 terrorists threatened to disrupt the competition in Israel. Fortunately, everything worked out and we know which country will host the Eurovision 2020.

Earlier we wrote about that Sergey Pritula severely ridiculed Lazarev during the Grand final, and Verka Serduchka quail song winner of the Eurovision song contest-2018.

Let’s remember why Ukraine refused to participate in Eurovision 2019:

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