A Canada day against racism

Une fête du Canada contre le racisme

Presented behind closed doors to a public web and tv, the celebrations of the feast of the Canada 2020 will put forward the new music stars in quebec and will echo the movement Black Lives Matter.

The co-host for a second year in a row the big show in Ottawa, Pierre-Yves Lord says that he could not imagine pass over in silence the death of George Floyd and the global awareness that it has caused.

“As a human, as a father of a family and as a black man, I don’t want to put me head in the sand and say that Canada day is not the place to talk about what worries me and troubles me. “

Pierre-Yves Lord evokes a number of an artist who will be “very loaded” and will allow Black Lives Matter to interfere in the party.

A week after the controversy surrounding the absence of a flag of Québec on the Saint-Jean, the host, has not commented on the presence of the maple leaf flag during the celebrations on Wednesday. He prefers to talk about a show that ” goes beyond our political allegiances “.

Representative of his generation

Thanks to the participation of Charlotte Cardin, Loud, Alexandra Stréliski and Laurence Nerbonne, among other things, the different parties of Canada will give visibility to young talent from Quebec.

“This is a great chance, but it is sure that I try to represent my generation through my art We are a generation that wants to help and get help. As we have seen with the Black Lives Matter, there is an awakening collective listening and to change our old patterns as a society. It’s the same thing with sexism, against which I have taken a position, ” said Laurence Nerbonne.

Finally humans

This will be an opportunity for some, simply, finally out of the house after several months locked up at home.

“I’m glad to see human beings,” said the humorist P.-A. Méthot, when The Journal passed on the film set of the Canada day in Québec city, last week.

P-A Méthot will participate in the show broadcast in Quebec.

Damien Robitaille, who sings with Radio, was isolated throughout the containment. If he is happy to find a scene, he is afraid to get out of the house. “I’m still not 100 % comfortable, but we will get there. ”

The holiday entertainment of Canada

20 p.m. : Canada day – All

  • Where : ICI Radio-Canada Télé, ICI Tou.TV
  • Animation : Pierre-Yves Lord and Serena Ryder
  • Guests : Alanis Morissette, Alex Nevsky, Alexandra Stréliski, Avril Lavigne, Charlotte Cardin, Corneille, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Loud, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Radio Radio, Damien Robitaille, Roxane Bruneau, Sarah McLachlan, Véronique Dicaire and several other

19 pm : Canada day in Montreal

  • Where : www.feteducanadamtl.ca
  • Guests : Charlotte Cardin, Patrick Watson, Elisapie, Hubert Lenoir, Martha Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright

19 pm : Canada day in Quebec

  • Where : www.feteducanadaquebec.ca
  • Animation : Tammy Verge
  • Guests : P.-A. Méthot, Nicolas Gignac, Melissa Bédard, Philippe Bond, Florence K, Laurence Nerbonne and Jonas Tomalty

13 pm : Canada day across the country

  • Where : ICI Radio-Canada Télé, ICI Tou.Tv
  • Animation : Pierre-Yves Lord and Serena Ryder
  • Guests : Laurence Nerbonne, Marc Hervieux, Sarahmée and other artists from the rest of Canada
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