A Canadian citizen detained in Egypt since a year released

Un Canadien détenu en Égypte depuis un an libéré

A canadian professional engineer who was detained in Egypt for more than a year for no apparent reason was able to return to the country on Thursday.

Yasser Albazse finished a business trip of two months in February 2020, when he was arrested by the egyptian authorities at the Cairo airport.

His canadian passport was confiscated and his family has had no news of him for several days, we can read on the website that has been created to demand his release.

The resident of Oakville, Ontario, was incarcerated in a prison known for many violations of the rights of Man, is also indicated

Yasser Albazse was finally able to return to the country on Monday. He arrived in the morning at Toronto’s Pearson airport, has confirmed his daughter, on his page in Facebook.,

At 52 years of age, health, Yasser Albazse has deteriorated in prison, has also made his daughter, who was held to thank the Trudeau government of having contributed to his release.

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