A car drove into the yard of a daycare in the middle of the day

Une voiture fonce dans la cour d'une garderie en plein jour

A daycare for Mascouche has had a fright, in the late afternoon Monday, while a car was smashed and the fence of the court at a time when dozens of children were playing.

“I do not understand that a child has not lost its life,” says Christophe Lainé, director, owner of the daycare Éduc-Atout.

To 15: 50, a vehicle that was travelling on the avenue de l’esplanade has passed through the fence and came to a stop a few meters away between the module and games the sandbox.

The educators have immediately proceeded to count the children to ensure that no small had been involved in the accident. Fortunately, the account was good.

“Normally, in the middle of the afternoon like that, there are always about fifty children who play,” said Mr Lainé.

“This is not reassuring because the parents leave me to what they have most precious. It is up to the City to act,” says the owner of the establishment.

Not a first

This is not the first time that an accident of the kind happens at the child care centre Éduc-Atout. A few years ago, a vehicle had broken down the fence and was in collision with a tree in the middle of the night.

Therefore, the parents ‘ committee had demanded that the City of Mascouche do something to secure the premises. For the moment, a wall, and stones act as a safeguard.

The owner mentions that the squealing of tires is often heard in the area.

“I feel that the parents committee is going to put the pressure to ensure that a guardrail is installed. This is not good, but it is what it takes,” insists Christophe Lainé.

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