A cargo ship stranded blocking traffic

Un cargo échoué bloque le trafic

Of operations for décoincer a freighter aground in the St. Lawrence have been conducted all day Friday, slowing down traffic in the seaway.

Shortly after 9 a.m., the MSC Fabienne, boat international freight, has suddenly been stopped on the river Saint-Laurent, at the height of Varennes and the island of Sainte-Thérèse.

Ironically, it is in this same area, where the water is less deep, the humpback whale that has moved to the metropolis earlier this month was found to be failed, there are a dozen of days.

“I saw him get [the cargo], and then he stallé of a sudden, tells Romeo Di Liello-Roberge, a resident of the area. It is strange, because it is in the seaway. “

Un cargo échoué bloque le trafic

Photo courtesy
Melanie Nadeau
spokesperson Port of Montreal

Shortly after, small boats-tugs have been dispatched from the Port of Montreal to décoincer the massive ship.

“In nearly seven years here, I have never seen this before,” said Melanie Nadeau, a spokesperson for the Port of Montreal.

This last has, however, confirmed that the incident had no injuries, no loss of oil, nor any entry of water into the interior of the freighter.

A mechanical failure would have caused the loss of the main engine, said Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

“The coast Guard and Transport Canada will work together to determine the conditions for re-opening of the seaway. Ships are waiting. […] The ship returned to the Port of Montreal once the plan of the bailout has been approved, ” added the ministry.

Late maritime

However, as the huge ship blocked the path throughout the day, this has caused the delay.

“There has been no other vessels were able to pass, so some have had to anchor or remain in waiting at the Port,” said Ms. Nadeau. But this does not mean that the navigation channel is officially closed and that it will remain so throughout the operation. “

The MSC Fabienne has delivered a cargo at the Port of Montreal from Sines, in Portugal, and was in the direction of Gioia Tauro, in Italy, when he failed.

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