A catholic magazine that denounces the abuse of power of mothers superior

Une revue catholique dénonce les abus de pouvoir de mères supérieures

Vatican city | Ill-treatment, capture financial, pass-rights: a catholic magazine has denounced Thursday abuses of power, and of the mothers superior reigning without sharing in their convent.

According to the jesuit magazine, Civiltà Cattolica, to be published Friday, the subject ” has not hitherto received the attention it deserves “.

These abuses “in their majority do not take the form of sexual violence and do not involve minors,” says the journal.

Some of the nuns clung to their position for decades, others welcome family members in the full board, at the expense of the community. The journal reports that they may be buried in the convent.

A mother superior “brought his mother in the community of the sisters until his death, allowing him to share the common area for about 20 years,” notes the survey.

The title of the sisters, and in some cases, ” seems to guarantee other exclusive privileges, such as access to the best medical care, whereas a simple nun can not even go to see an optician or a dentist, on the pretext that it is necessary to “save” “.

Some of the nuns were denied warm clothing for the same reasons.

“The closet of the upper is full of clothes bought on the money of the community without having consulted anyone, while others have hardly any spare clothes,” stresses Civiltà Cattolica.

“Unfortunately this is the reality of day-to-day sisters: a reality that they may not know it, because they do not know who to contact, or for fear of reprisals.”

In January, cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, prefect of the powerful Congregation for institutes of consecrated life, had revealed that old nuns “abandoned” by the catholic Church, some of them were prostitutes in order to survive, had taken refuge in the residence of the Vatican open to the request of pope Francis.

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