A centennial crosses the COVID without a symptom

Une centenaire traverse la COVID sans un symptôme

A lady of 101 years to the health of iron defeated the COVID-19, after recovering from a bad fall this winter and after having had the above cancer of the breast.

“After all that, I’ll be good for a long time,” said laughing Cécile Thibault Daoust.

She was born in the midst of the epidemic of Spanish influenza during the winter of 1919. A century later, she spent two months in one of the NURSING homes most severely affected by the epidemic of COVID-19.

It is ultimately no symptom that it is output, while having been infected for more than two weeks.

“I haven’t felt any fear at all. I said to myself: “if it happens, it happens. At my age… “

It must be said that Ms. Daoust was in the habit of having the upper hand on the disease. There is nearly three years old, she was operated for cancer of the breast, which would have swept away many of women her age, finds her daughter Nicole Daoust.

“She was 101 years old, but she looks 80. I am 71 years old and I pass to her friend “, she confesses.

The centenarian has lived for 16 years in a seniors ‘ residence, in the heart of Ahuntsic, Montreal. Very sociable, she still had the habit of walking around the shopping center prior to the pandemic, without the aid of a walker.

“Aberrant “

Due to a bad fall, she was sent to the CHSLD Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, in February. “I had nothing “, she says. No fracture of the hip. “I was lucky “.

The purpose of its passage in a CHSLD was to allow him to do physiotherapy, ” she adds. It was only supposed to stay there three or four weeks.

From the month of march, Ms. Daoust was asked to return home, but the direction of her retirement home refused to let go of fear of infecting other residents.

And this, even after testing in march and April which showed that it was not reached.

“This is stupid, terrible,” growls her daughter. She does not the staff at the CHSLD, which has spared no effort to care for and support, but at the residence who refused to reinstate one of its own tenants, ” says his daughter.

“They have left in the middle of the contamination until it catches it [the virus]. “

What had to happen happened : it was declared in the affirmative COVID-19 on the 30th of April, and then two other times in early may, lists Nicole Daoust. This is only on 18 may that it has been officially declared cured.

Cécile Thibault Daoust has spent three months “with nothing to do, watching people go by” in a CHSLD.

On 19 may, she was finally able to return to her residence. “At least now, I am in my business. “

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