A challenge for the movers this year

Un défi de taille pour les déménageurs cette année

The health measures implemented during the pandemic COVID-19 are not adapted to the profession of movers, who will have great difficulty to comply with the recommendations of the public health, they argue.

“It is not possible to use the masks and gloves for safety reasons. The gloves may slip, the masks disturb breathing during the effort […] The sweat runs below. It is not true that in the middle of a heat wave, it will protect from droplets, ” says Matthew Gaines moving Myette, based in Montreal.

This year, the big waltz from the 1st July will come with its own set of additional challenges, believe several movers who doubt to be able to meet even social distancing.

“When it’s going to be several moves simultaneously in a same block, it may be a difficult time. Before, it was easy to paste and move to the side of the other in the hallway, but to adhere to the two meters it may be more complicated, ” says Mr. Gaines.

A single on-site customer

Moreover, companies require that there be only one client on-site, to accommodate the movers.

“The customer wins in this situation. This is much faster since there’s nobody to slow down the move. When we send three men and a truck is that it is the maximum speed. If it was going faster with four men, we would send four, ” explains Pierre-Olivier Cyr, owner of the company Moving The Clan Panneton.

At least, the movers will not have to put on a new protective suit to each input, such as in NURSING homes.

“When we moved, how many times is it that we can go in and out of an apartment ? Every time we walked out with two boxes in his hands, he had to change, ” says Stéphane St-Germain, dispatcher at move Excel More.

A real headache

If the moves are performed much more quickly outside of the island of Montreal due to the fluidity of movement caused by telework, and the new corridors health on the big boulevards of the metropolis adds to the puzzle.

“In Montreal, with the streets blocked due to construction and pedestrian streets, in addition to the corridors sanitary, it is hell. They are placed often in the boulevards very busy, and it is from there that must go through the trucks. It is not uncommon that they will have to park five blocks away “, illustrates for his part, Mr. Cyr.

Questioned about this, the City of Montreal has avoided answering the question of corridors to sanitation.

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