A chief of police with patients suffering from COVID

Un chef de police auprès de patients souffrant de la COVID

A chief of police of the Laurentians, which has drawn in its own holiday to go to help seniors with the COVID-19 remembered all his life his experience, where he has shared the suffering and the disease, but importantly, recognition.

“One day, a lady of 93 years old that I saw regularly asked me to come in and do her rosary with her, says Francis Lanouette, who heads the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville (RIPTDB) since 2015. She is very religious, so it was really a moment of intense and important and it had done him a great good. I was really challenged and I felt lucky to be able to give back like that. “

Personal Initiative

As soon as he felt that his team was ready to face the COVID-19, the father of the family of 48-year-old responded to the call of prime minister François Legault in applying to become a support service to older people.

He has been assigned at the beginning of the month of June at the hotel Days Inn de Blainville, who had been transformed into a residential centre for seniors with the COVID-19 in order to avoid a too large spread in their NURSING homes.

“It was important for me that it remains a personal initiative, so I took a month of my vacation time to go there,” says humbly one who has even paid all his salary to the Red Cross and to Moisson Laurentides.

Mental health

It is the heart swelling with gratitude and full admiration for the staff of health that Francis Lanouette has completed her assignment at the beginning of the month of July to resume his duties of chief of police.

Although he has already had, as a police officer, to intervene with people with mental health problems, he found himself at some moments, completely devoid of ways.

“I’ve seen all the expertise of the orderlies and nurses be put to the test,” he says. I saw them enter the needs of the patients so quickly, I was really impressed of their dedication. “

The citizens ‘ initiative of Francis Lanouette fits perfectly in the bend community that it advocates since his arrival according to the RIPTDB.

“I didn’t do it for others, but it is certain that if it inspires people to us, so much the better ! “

The experience has even taken on the air of a family in Lanouette, since the son of the chief of police, a nursing student, has also contributed.

“We spoke and I asked him if he would be willing to do it if I was doing it also, and this is how it all began,” recalls he. My son of 18 years went to help on the side of Laval. “

Routine preventive

In order to reassure and protect the rest of his family, the chief and his son complied with a routine preventive arriving from the work.

“We changed a first time when we was leaving and we were putting our clothes in bags to drain. Once at the house, you took away one more time our clothes in the garage and put everything in the washing machine. Finally, we took a shower before going to see the other. “

None of this has so far cooled the ardor of Francis Lanouette, who has already notified the public health of his region that he would be pleased to put on his visor and jacket again if a second wave hit her.

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