A child in a coma after an accident motocross

Un enfant dans le coma après un accident de motocross

The life of a young 9 year old hangs on to a thread after it has been struck by a motocross to be the result of a fall in Chaudière-Appalaches, Sunday afternoon.

The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have been called upon to make on the 4th and South on the closed circuit of the Park-X-Tring of Tring-Junction, so that a collision between two followers of motocross. “According to preliminary information, a young driver of 9 years would, in all likelihood, a fall from his car,” says the sergeant Claude Denis of the SQ.

A second motorcyclist, who has not seen the fall of the first, would be spent on the child’s body with his motocross, while he was lying on the ground, precise-t-on.

The track hosts competitions and practices that are free of motocross for all levels for the past 13 years.

Karen Lafond, who was a witness of the scene, said to be in shock, when his own son was riding on the track at the same time as the victim.

“My boys are motocross racing since they were 4 years old, we are racing every weekend and this is the first time I see it. I’m pretty traumatized and I even question this sport for my children, ” she says.

“A good boy “

To the first responders arrived, the victim was unconscious, but breathing. She was transported to the Hospital of the Child Jesus under respiratory assistance for treatment.

According to our information, the child was eventually plunged into a medically induced coma.

The young rider was a “good little boy who knew what he was doing,” says a friend of the family who wishes to remain anonymous. Experienced, he has practiced this discipline for several years, despite his young age, just like his brother and his father.

“Those who are of the motocross, it is like a large family. When we knew it was him, it was a shock “, she explains.

A reconstructionist of the SQ has been sent to the scene to establish with precision the circumstances of the event.

A first in 13 years

Since the opening of the Park-X-Tring, in 2007, no accident of the kind has occurred on the closed circuit of motocross, ensures its owner, Gaston Lessard.

“We took charge of the situation, we secured the scene and waited for paramedics. But it is obvious that this is not easy [to live], ” says the man who was present during the drama.

Furthermore, Mr. Lessard ensures that the lovers of this discipline are supervised during their activities and that they are separated according to their experience as drivers. He said that the boy, who was a regular at the place, was wearing the standard gear.

“This is an unfortunate incident… “, drops the owner.

The circuit has been closed for the day, and the organization expects the report to the authorities for following things.

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