A Chinese social network allegedly censored Justin Trudeau

Chinese social network allegedly censored Justin Trudeau


A very tense climate has developed between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping since their exchange captured on the last day of the G20 in Indonesia.< /strong> 

Reporter Wenhao Ma of the media Voice of America noticed that the name of the Canadian leader no longer appeared on the Weibo platform, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

The nickname given by the Chinese to Justin Trudeau, or “Little potato (small potato)”, does not give any more result. The English word “potato” also seems to have been banned.

Wenhao looked for other world leaders on the site. The results are filtered, “but not as much as Trudeau's”.

“I can't prove that Trudeau's censorship is linked to the G20 exchange,” he wrote. However, it is obvious that it receives a different treatment”. 

The Prime Minister's official account appears to have disappeared from the platform.

A Russian media reported the exchange between Xi Jinping and Justin Trudeau on Weibo. The post would have disappeared five minutes later.

It is difficult to prove that the order to censor the Canadian Prime Minister came from the Chinese government. “Social networks in China will sometimes censor words to avoid arousing public opinion,” explains the journalist.

Wenhao then searched for Justin Trudeau on Baidu, a search engine. “It was Pierre Trudeau who appeared,” says Wenhao Ma.