A CHSLD infested with ants in Montreal

Un CHSLD infesté de fourmis à Montréal

MONT-ROYAL – After many cases of COVID-19, to serious problems of ventilation, and the recent episode of extreme heat, this is the CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal must now deal with the presence of ants in several rooms of residents for nearly a week.

Of the images captured last Friday and sent to TVA News show the critters that venture onto the bed of a resident, on the furniture surrounding and even in the briefs of incontinence, which raises a number of questions.

“It was found in the nurse’s office all the walls were infected with full of ants. We immediately panicked. We said: “if there is in the nurse’s office, there is necessarily in the patient rooms”. We changed the sheets, changed the panties and everything, but the ants were even embedded in the underside of the mattress also,” said TVA News an employee of the establishment under the cover of anonymity.

Intensive therapy

On the side of the direction of the CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal, which is located in the town linked to the same name on the island of Montreal, it ensures that all efforts are being made to curb the proliferation of ants.

“Intensive treatment will continue to be applied at this time, both inside and outside. The staff and management of Vigi Mont-Royal regret this situation and are working to resolve it in the best possible time,” said the executive.

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