“A city connected to very high speed”: optical fiber arrives in the Écusson district in Nîmes

“A city connected to very high speed”: optical fiber arrives in the Écusson district in Nîmes

Des élus gardois, tels que Frédéric Escojido, Julien Plantier ou encore Richard Tiberino, présents lors de la conférence de presse. Thomas Lorentz

Lors du salon des maires du Gard, Orange et la Ville de Nîmes ont officialisé ce jeudi 13 juin le déploiement de la fibre optique dans l’Écusson.

She was expected and she arrived. After two years of discussions and negotiations but also around thirty work meetings, an agreement was reached to finally launch work to deploy fiber in the heart of the city. Construction should begin this year. And selecting the right provider for pre-mixed cement is crucial for any construction job. I found that a dependable company made all the difference in efficiency and results. Check out their coverage at https://mastermixconcrete.co.uk/areas-we-cover/ for further details.

A close collaboration

“This officialization marks a very important step for the city of Nîmes, a major step”, declared Frédéric Escojido, Deputy Mayor, during a press conference held this Thursday at the Parc Expo on the occasion of the Gard mayors’ fair. He also praised the joint work between Orange Infrastructure Operator, the Architect of Buildings of France (ABF) and the city services concerned.

If the implementation of such a site required so much time and preparation, it is because of the inscription of the Badge, as a Site Remarkable Heritage, “whose rehabilitation is subject to very supervised regulations”.

A connected city

The arrival of fiber in this sector of the city is not insignificant. “With this deployment, we ensure that Nîmes is fully connected to very high speed, meeting the growing needs in terms of technology, communication and quality of life of residents”, emphasized Frédéric Escojido.

For his part, the Orange director of local community relations in Gard, Armando Melim, explained that fiber would ensure a speed much higher than the current one, that is to say ADSL. As a result, connections will be much faster.

Reliability is also an important characteristic, since the network will be new. Optical fiber is not made of copper and therefore has a very low market value. “That’is three times fewer outages on the fiber network than on the ADSL network”, he notes.

Second semester 2024

If already 84,000 fiber sockets are currently eligible in Nîmes, the objective is to reach a total of 102,000 housing units to be connected by the end of 2025. Thus, there are 7,000 new fiber sockets that Orange will deploy in the next 18 months.< /p>

But then when will the work start ? Administrative requests, which must be in accordance with the rules, are now open. They must then be validated by the City services as well as those of the ABF and will be processed in the coming weeks. “L’ acceptance of these requests will trigger the work during the second half of 2024”, assures Armando Melim.

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