A clown in a CHSLD is stealing$ 15,000 in equipment

Un clown en CHSLD se fait voler 15 000$ de matériel

A clown who is robbed of his vehicle tour, with which he amused the elderly in NURSING homes plead with the thieves to give it back to her, the same as the 15 000 $ of accessories which were in it.

“Without equipment, I can not propose my performances. I would like that the thieves realize that I am creating happiness in people. There, they keep me from doing it, ” breath Benoist Hippolyte, outside of his home located on Morgan avenue, in the borough of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

It is at this exact location that the circus acrobat 35-year-old is robbed of its Dodge Grand Caravan to tour blanche, in the night of Monday. “I arrived at around 22 h, the day before. When I’m out, the next morning, she was no longer there, ” laments the man who entertains the seniors since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Dodge Grand Caravan white that he was robbed Monday, in Montreal.

“And I know very well that the majority of things [inside] are personalised, they cannot use it, he says. I have a chinese pole, stilts six feet and unique costumes. If someone else uses them, I’ll know. “


Mr. Hippolyte mentions having attended circuses in scope since the beginning of his career. However, during the pandemic, it offers with the company Drôldadon benefits trio to residents of NURSING homes, with the aim of putting a smile on her lips.

The troop Drôldadon, which is part Benoist Hippolyte (with the walker) entertains the seniors in containment during the pandemic.

“It’s part of the shows most touching that I have made, to laugh with, people who can’t move “, tells the clown, whose character of scene is inspired by an elder with reduced mobility. He keeps a good memory of a performance he delivered to residents of Cartierville, last week.

“Older people are lifted at the end and started to dance,” he says, excited.

Although on Tuesday, Mr. Hippolyte said to have burst into tears at the end of his number. A spectator who had lent his walker – because hers was in the stolen vehicle – has decided to make him a gift.

The rest of his material, the artist must, for the moment, to rebuild it from scratch. He realized that the caravan was not insured, for a reason which eludes him again.

“To realize that I should pay for five years, a car that I no longer have, it is the stabbing end, admits the one described normally as an optimist. I’m really in the shit. “

♦ A campaign sociofinancement has been created in order to help him. Yesterday, close to $ 5,000 had been raised.

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