A co-owner is concerned for the reputation of his bar

Une copropriétaire s'inquiète pour la réputation de son bar

A co-owner whose bar has been identified by the government as a place of outbreak of cases of COVID-19, Monday, is concerned about the negative impact on his facility, despite the health measures put in place on the inside.

“The reputation of the bars, already, was affected since the beginning of the crisis and, in addition, to show the finger when we put all the energy to make the most possible attention, it is sure that it hurts very bad,” responded Isabelle Corriveau, co-owner of the bar Fox, located on the rue Sainte-Catherine East, Montréal.

Its establishment is one of the four that have been identified in media by the public health, Monday, a week after the mass screening of the customers of bars in the greater Montreal area.

The Nacho Libre, the Mineral and the Mile Public House (Brossard) are the others.

For Ms. Corriveau, the government is playing a “dangerous game” by naming explicitly the institutions.

“It is an infringement of the reputation, according to me. There are hundreds of bars in Quebec, and it appoints four. Why still more to hammer these establishments-there, who just want to try to survive?”

“In the minds of the people, they will surely question. […] They will perhaps think twice before coming, unfortunately, so that our procedures that are in place are very, very rigid,” says Ms. Corriveau.

It ensures that the Fox complies to the letter with the instructions of the public health. The bar was also closed for a week as soon as the owners have been made aware of the positive cases within the team, and all employees have been sent to a testing centre.

“It has never been so clean,” she says.

The bar has re-opened its doors last Friday and will continue to take clients after they have been disinfected as a whole. Employees with the result of the screening test was negative went back to work.

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