A coffee of Laval frequented by the mafia wishes to reopen

Un café de Laval fréquenté par la mafia désire rouvrir

Closed emergency since mid-may, a cafe in Laval frequented by members of organized crime wants to reopen, the owner saying it was now ready to enforce the directives of the public health.

“There has been a lack of judgment on my part, the rules were not clear to me, but we thought that we were doing the right things “, explained Stefano Broccoli during his hearing before the Régie des alcools Tuesday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Broccoli is the owner of the Cafe Bellerose, regularly attended by individuals that the police’s link to Italian organized crime.

Just like many other traders, it has been hard-hit by the pandemic, as well as by the drastic measures taken by the State to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

But unlike others, it does not really comply with the measures ordered by the public health.

Since mid-march, 14 citizens filed a complaint against this cafe, about rallies inside the establishment, despite the prohibitions.

A client has been seen consuming a glass of cognac, while others remained at the bar and were able to consume their coffee on the inside rather than take it away.

Police Surveillance

A police operation surveillance, spread over two days, allowed to see rallies outside the coffee shop sometimes involving members of the organized crime.

A quarantine of tickets from 1546 $ had been distributed to the mafia, such as Giuseppe “Gator” Focarazzo, an intermediary between the mafia and the bikers, Vito Salvaggio, who has previously served on the leadership Table of the mafia, or Francesco del Balso, who was sentenced to the result of the investigation anti-mafia Coliseum.

The influential Leonardo Rizzuto has also been seen in the café, but he kept the distance physical, according to what they found to police.


“There is no evidence that it is a place of operation of organized crime” has, however, pleaded the lawyer’s coffee, Maxim Knight, noting that several of the individuals living in the area.

In the Face of non-compliance with the rules, the owner has agreed to close its trade in mid-may. Mr. Broccoli was recognized before the Régie Tuesday have been wanting to enforce the rules, while apparently ready to change.

– With Eric Thibault

The régisseuses have 90 days to make a decision. By then, the café will remain closed, despite the request of Mr. Broccoli to reopen in the meantime.

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