A coffee of the North Shore, managed by of Montreal

Un café de la Côte-Nord géré par des Montréalais

Five young Montrealers have taken the controls of a coffee Natashquan in lack of workforce, where tourists abound during the construction holiday.

“The sales quickly doubled. We went from $ 1500 per day to nearly 3000 $. We had to adjust, as it is much more busy than expected, ” explained Juliette Ouimet, 26 years old, which coordinates the activities of The haul-out site for the summer with her four friends.

Since the beginning of the month of July, between 100 and 150 customers flock each day in this establishment, founded in 1978 in the community of 1300 inhabitants. Half of the customers are locals and the other tourists are coming from everywhere in Quebec.

The Corporation de développement patrimonial, cultural and tourist centre of Natashquan (COPACTE), which has the coffee, barely each year to address the administration of the place due to lack of manpower.

Coffee essential

“We went for the first time last year. They were only two to keep the coffee at arm’s length, ” says Ms. Ouimet. This year, there is a team of 12 people. “

“If The haul-out site does not open, there is not really tourist season,” she continues. For dining, there is the grocery store and only one other restaurant open in the week between 11 h and 20 h, ” she continued.

The pandemic has made us fear the worst for the tourism industry in the region, which reported $ 202 million of income, especially during the summer.

“In our forecasts, […] our optimistic scenario were not as optimistic as the one that is in the process of living. There are a lot of tourists, especially to the east, Natashquan and Havre-Saint-Pierre. And there will be even more in the next two weeks for the vacation of the building, ” according to the director general of Tourism Côte-Nord, Mario Leblanc.

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