A Collision between a motorcycle and a deer to Saint-Lazare

Collision entre une motocyclette et un chevreuil à Saint-Lazare

SAINT-LAZARE station | A motorcyclist and his passenger have collided with a deer, late on Saturday night, near the rue Dumoulin in Saint-Lazare, Montérégie.

The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec have been notified of the accident around 22: 45.

On the scene of the collision, the police have found the driver with minor injuries, while the passenger who was with him was transported to a hospital. The doctors were not afraid of, however, not for his life.

According to a spokesperson for the SQ, there is no offence in the criminal Code. On the other hand, the driver received a fine because he did not have the class of licence to drive a motorcycle.

As for the deer, it disappeared in the nature.

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