A commander of the SPVM request concrete actions

Un commandant du SPVM demande des actions concrètes

Jonathan Tremblay

A commander of the Montreal police is urging his colleagues to engage in the ” fight against racism and racial profiling that still exist, both within its walls that, during certain interventions “.

“The SPVM must be a leader in this spirit of awareness “, wrote Patrice Vilcéus, a commander of haitian origin in the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), in a letter sent Wednesday to the intention of all his fellow executives.

“Like so many others, it doesn’t matter to me to see my organization shine on these issues “, he added.

Loss of confidence

The one who was the commander of the squad of Eclipse, a team that specializes in fighting street gangs, and any form of crime, indicates that it has assisted in a video on the internet with “horror and dismay” at the death of George Floyd.

This Afro-American has been smothered under the weight of a police officer last week, in Minneapolis, in the State of Minnesota, in the United States.

“Witnesses to the murder, the citizens have lost confidence in the police “, found, since, the commander Vilcéus.

However, it is according to him more than a simple question of ” apple pourrite “.

The top-ranking officer says he wonders now whether the POLICE can ” bring about change “, and if its values are updated to “take into account the injustices and inequalities which persist” for the halting of the community.

A model to follow

“What will be the actions that will promote the organization ?” asks the commander Vilcéus to his colleagues who will read his message.

“I believe that we should honor our values of integrity, respect and commitment to ourselves, but also to the citizens that we serve, including by condemning racial profiling. “

“And perhaps, become the example to follow ?” leaves you in suspense.

The department of communications of the police Department of the City of Montreal has preferred to wait for today before commenting.

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