A company helping parents

A company helping parents

A young company in Quebec City wants to come to the aid of parents with a new application facilitating the management of routines which is often a source of conflicts at home.

“In pandemic or not, routines are really important and reassuring for children. The current situation requires more family organization than usual for parents who work from home and whose children have to take online courses, ”says Annie Martineau, founder of Groupe Neuro Solutions.

The Kairos app, which was developed by this company, aims to transform times of stress into times of relaxation.

“It came from a personal project that was related to the situation I was going through with William, my boy who has an autism spectrum disorder combined with ADHD,” says Mme Martineau, businesswoman and mother of three teenagers.

Get his way

After trying out a variety of tools like the reward tables, she was forced to realize that she would need to be more creative to achieve her goals.

“I decided to involve my boy by asking him what would make it so that we could find pleasure in these periods which, let’s say it, were rather chaotic. “

Video game

“His response was, if you let me play Mario Bros, I’m going to be fine. “

It did not take more for Mme Martineau got to work especially with his experience in the video game industry. Before devoting herself to her business, she worked in business development for Firefolk in Quebec.

“The things I used to use to help my son were managed by me. It didn’t speak to him at all. I wondered how video games could be used intelligently and constructively. “

After surveying other parents, she quickly realized that she was far from the only one experiencing these difficulties. In 2017, the Neuro Solutions Group was born with the objective of developing technological solutions to increase children’s autonomy. Today, the company has ten employees in Quebec.

► The Kairos app is available on Google Play and the App Store and free for a trial period.

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