A complaint forces the closure of another lemonade stand

Complaint forces closure of another lemonade stand


Clearly, the lemonade stands have been facing some problems since the beginning of the summer. This time, an 8-year-old girl from Ohio had to end her temporary kiosk after a citizen complained. 

Asa Baker was selling lemonade near a street food festival last weekend, as reported by the New York Post.

Her father operated a stand nearby, which prompted the daughter to sell this popular beverage to customers during the day.

Unfortunately, Asa Baker did not have the license required to make the sale.

In Ohio, you can obtain a license to five days, at a cost of $40, to hold such an activity.

In response to a complaint from a festival-goer, the police put an end to the girl's activities.

Meeted by local media, she explains her disappointment at having had to close the kiosk for the day.

“The police were very disappointed to have to close me, but they gave $20 to help me pay for the permit,” says – she.

Asa Baker then paid the required permit to be able to proceed with the reopening of the kiosk, but only the next day.

Since the publication of his story in the media , the girl has accumulated hundreds of dollars.