A condensed film

Un condensé de cinéma

The international Festival of Very Short Film will present starting Friday a vast selection of films under 4 minutes, fully accessible online.

“These are complete stories, the scriptures, often very specific, there are different kinds, there are animation, movies fall films tragic, the documentary, it is this diversity that we wanted to show,” says Diya Angeli, film programmer for Cine-Verdun, the organization that presents the component’s quebec festival of Very Short Film.

The event, which will be this year at its 22nd edition, will be held from 5 to June 14, simultaneously across several major cities in the world, each broadcasting a program of international films for the “international Competition”. This selection, representing the leading event of the festival, includes 44 films from three different countries.

Each of the cities has also the possibility to enrich its programming to other international programs in addition to add a selection on the local.

“Here, I programmed three programmes of films from quebec with partners here that are presented to the public only in quebec,” says Diya Angeli, also a member of the founding team of the Festival in Paris in 1999.

It is more than 180 films that will be made available in Québec on the whole duration of the festival via the web site cineverdun.com. All the films are available free of charge, but a voluntary contribution is possible for the one who would like to financially support the organization of the event.

Format democratic

If the films are very short, with a maximum duration of 4 minutes, are still unknown by the general public, they can nevertheless be a great potential and very beneficial, particularly in terms of accessibility.

“It does not cost much to produce for its duration, supports first Diya Angeli. And at the same time, its advantage, especially in a world where everything goes fast, where everyone is a little attention deficit, it is that we can be sure to go to the end of our about in a short time and therefore have the attention of viewers at maximum during the entire duration of our film.”

“A format very short, it looks well between two metro stations, it looks good in the bus, and it is a format where, if you have something to say, it is going to capture the attention of the viewer may be until the end,” she continues. Also, there is the fact that it is a format that is democratic, we can now make films with a mobile phone. By the time and by the tools that are accessible, it made the event a festival, which is open to everyone, as much for amateurs as for professionals.”

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