A conservator beaten, two Hells Angels arrested

Un restaurateur tabassé, deux Hells Angels arrêtés

Two influential members in good standing of the Hells Angels have been arrested for allegedly clobbered a conservator of Rosemere, on late Monday evening.

Jean-Richard Larivière and François Vachon would have “beaten” a leader of the Pizzeria Sofia when a dispute erupted after the latter had notified the two motorcyclists he was doing his “last call” before closing the facility located on the boulevard Labelle, at around 23: 45, depending on what The Journal has learned from police sources.

The restaurateur has been seriously injured, enough so that the ambulance take him to the hospital.

The patrol of the Régie inter-municipal de police Thérèse-de-Blainville have been alerted and have proceeded to the arrest of two Hells Angels.

Night in a cell

Larivière, 52-year-old from Repentigny, has spent the night in custody. It should appear in the course of the day on Tuesday at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme. Charges of assault causing bodily harm could be brought against him.

About Francis Vachon, he has signed a promise to appear in court at a later date and the police agreed to release him provisionally.

He and his brother Scott were part of the five Hells Angels chapter in Sherbrooke, which were released even before they have been tried for murder charges filed in the wake of operation SharQc, in October 2015, when judge James Brunton concluded that abuse of procedures of the Crown.

Last winter, Jean-Richard Larivière, nicknamed “Breed”, had been sentenced to a fine of $ 1000 after being found guilty of obstructing the work of police officers in the city centre of Montreal, after attending a lavish wedding of Hells Angel Martin Robert in the ballroom, Windsor, on December 1, 2018.

The police had to be controlled with a discharge gun electric when Larivière, drunk and still dressed in his tuxedo, has inveighed police officers who asked him to walk on the sidewalk rather than the middle of the road, at the intersection of Drummond and Sherbrooke.

In 2004, he had also been sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism in operation Spring of 2001.

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