A consultation in June for the Fabi woody

Citizens worried about the future of Fabi Woods will be able to express themselves in a consultation organized by the City that could be held in June. It will then be about the projected street in the middle of the woods.

P everal citizens participating in the briefing on the work planned to decongest the Bertrand-Fabi Street on Monday expressed concern for the woodland. They also insisted on having a say before a decision is made.

“We are not used to working on the sly. Sketches were shown in 2014, but between the time they were made and the work, there are still discussions to be had. We first propose to analyze the file with our services, “commented the president of borough 1, Nicole Bergeron.

Remember that due to the residential development in the Rock Forest area, it is planned to cut down a tree edge in the Fabi woodland to allow the sewers and the aqueduct to pass.

The portion of land in question does not belong to the City. In 2014, it was planned to asphalt the section, so as to relieve Bertrand-Fabi Street and offer a second safe exit to the neighborhood to be built at this location.

Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Department at the City of Sherbrooke, proposes to meet the citizens once several scenarios have been prepared.

“In late May or early June, we should have these scenarios. By mid-June, we should have a first working meeting. ”

Ms. Gravel said last week working to verify if the road link could be eliminated, but that the presence of sewers and aqueduct would not allow the planting of trees since the roots could damage the pipes.

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